About Us

The Artisan Pensmith is a father/daughter team that has been making handcrafted pens since 2018. We are based out of Belleville and Kingston Ontario.

Scott does the design and manufacturing of the pens and Rachel creates amazing hand-painted designs.

Scott's interest in pens started back in the 90's when he was working in Toronto at a retailer of fine pens, cigars and shaving accessories. However he felt that although the pens he sold were excellent, many of them were simply mass produced in factories and sold because of their brand name. He felt that there was definitely a market for high quality pens that were one-off and hand made. That was the seed for The Artisan Pensmith.

Rachel is a very talented artist who excels in doing small scale fine painting. Besides custom painting our pens, Rachel loves to hand paint her nails, and does incredible creative and detailed nail art that she changes out at least once a week!

We love to create custom designs, so if you have an idea for a pen, please contact us and we'd love to bring it to life for you.